Best Prostate Massage Sex Toys

Stimulating your prostate is one of the most substantial ways to enhance male masturbation and sexual intercourse!  The prostate (also known as the male G-spot) is a highly sensitive gland that can give you an explosive orgasm when properly stimulated.  The best way to massage the prostate is with a sex tool specifically designed to pleasure the satisfying P-spot, so check out the best prostate massage sex toys for men!

Silicone Anal Plug
sex toys anal prostate toy

“The vibrations are strong and it’s easy to insert…” – Amazon Review, 2016

When you stimulate your prostate during masturbation, you can achieve an intense orgasm. If you’re looking for hands-free prostate stimulation, this Silicone Anal Plug will fit right into your fun. The tapered shape glides into your ass and presses against your prostate gland for maximum pleasure. “It’s really just the right size…” – Amazon Review, 2016. You don’t have to worry about this toy slipping inside because it has a large, flared base that flexes for comfort! A 10 function bullet will rock your booty to an intense climax. This anal plug is even waterproof!

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Silicone Anal Beads
Silicone Anal Beads personal massager

“I absolutely love this toy. I use this with my husband for my husband.” – Amazon Review, 2016

Male masturbation isn’t complete without prostate stimulation! These Silicone Anal Beads are just the thing for amazing anal play for men. Made with 100% silicone, this anal probe is comfortable, flexible, and sanitary. The bendable beads will massage your prostate gland for incredible orgasms! A textured handle allows you to easily use this sex toy. “The beads are soft in texture and in structure…” – Amazon Review, 2016. This provides extra stimulation to your perianal area and testicles! Enjoy 10 functions of vibration for intense male orgasms!

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Anal Beads
blue anal beads prostate toy

These graduated Anal Beads were designed with both beginners and experienced anal enthusiasts in mind! The beads start out small enough for those who have never tried an anal toy and get large enough for those with more experience. These beads are 1.25″ at the widest point and are 5.5″ in length. They are also 100% silicone so you can cleanse them in many ways after anal insertion to ensure they are clean.

Alex Realistic Vibrator
silicone vibrator sex toy

“The silicone material is pleasurable and soft, and this vibrator has 10 different setting for pulsing and vibration, which creates a great variety of pleasures. It is also waterproof…” – Silvia, Amazon Review, 2015

This is a more advanced prostate stimulating sex toy for men who wish to expand their exploration. Alex Realistic Vibrator is made from 100% silicone to ensure safety and comfort. This realistically shaped dildo is tapered for easy insertion whether you’re a beginner or more experienced. “This vibrator is pretty realistic looking! It has veins and light skin tone. It’s a soft silicone, no rough edges.” – Ricki H., Amazon Review, 2015. Although this is made from silicone, it is firm and not bendable. It is covered in a soft, skin-like silicone coating. This rigidness makes Alex perfect for stimulating your prostate!

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Three Beaded Anal Stimulator
beaded anal prostate stimulator

Enjoy prostate stimulation using this Three Beaded Anal Stimulator! The graduated beads will massage your prostate gland and send you to a mind-blowing orgasm! The retrieval loop makes removing these beads easy, and helps keep them in place when they are inserted. The silicone material of this butt toy means it is non-porous so it will not trap bacteria and debris. This toy is a great addition for anyone looking to stimulate his prostate!

Silicone Love Bunny
clitoral vibrator sex toy for women

“That’s one frisky bunny! …he’s sure to be able to please you whenever and wherever!” – Starla, Amazon Review, 2016

This little vibe is great for so many things! Use it as an arousal tool for you or your lover, or use it for masturbation! The Silicone Love Bunny is a bullet style vibrator, that’s shaped like a rabbit! The ears flicker and flutter with every vibration. It’s made from soft silicone that’s hygienic and hypoallergenic. Since it’s made from silicone, you can use this toy for prostate stimulation! “I love the ears and the fact that they are the perfect size for stimulation.” – ZombieGirl, Amazon Review, 2016. The firm rabbit nose is perfect for pinpointing your prostate. The fluttering ears will tickle your ass for fun sensations!

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Kip’s Prostate Stimulator
prostate massager for men

“I love the soft ‘velvety’ texture! It’s very gentle and definitely ‘hits the spot.’ ” – SillyWorld12610, Amazon Review, 2015

Get precise prostate pleasure with this silicone ass toy! Kip’s Prostate Stimulator is designed for male prostate stimulation with a curved shape and bulbous head. It is flexible silicone, which is body-safe and comfortable! “Use during intercourse and masturbation to experience satisfaction like never before.” – Fuzzywuzzy, Amazon Review, 2015. This anal toy has an easy removal ring and bendable testicle ticklers! Give yourself a prostate massage with this specially designed stimulator!

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Rippled Anal Plug
metal ripple anal plug

The Rippled Anal Plug will provide a new sensation during anal play! The tapered head is easy to insert into your anus. The added texture of the rippled shaft will take you to a new level of anal play! Don’t worry about the toy traveling in too far- the base keeps it in place. An blue jewel is an elegant touch for an explosive finish!


Ultra Power Prostate Massager
anal vibrator sex toy

“…I used this just pressed up against his back end and the perianal area and it brought great pleasure for him. He had a very intense finish…” – Sheila B., Amazon Review, 2016

Experience extreme male pleasure with the Ultra Power Prostate Massager. This vibrator is meant for serious prostate play. It is curved for comfort with a bulbous head for applying pressure to the prostate. A long, slim handle lets you manipulate this toy to your liking. “It’s very easy to clean as well. It’s made out of firm plastic so there is no give.” – Kirora, Amazon Review, 2016. It is made from firm ABS plastic that is body-safe and smooth. Adjust the powerful vibrations with an easy to use multi-speed dial.

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Blue Anal Beads
four beaded anal probe

Do you want extreme anal stimulation? Look no further than these Blue Anal Beads! These anal beads are made out of 100% silicone for a silky-smooth finish. The four beads are all 1″ in diameter for a total insertable length of 4.75″. The shaft is flexible so it will bend comfortably to the contours of your body. The last bead will apply pressure to the p-spot to bring you over the edge!


Dev’s Prostate Massager
vibrating prostate massager

“First off, the vibrations are very strong and noticeable when this thing is inserted.” – Happy, Amazon Review, 2015

Want a uniquely designed prostate stimulator with a little more to offer? Dev’s Prostate Massager is designed to reach the male prostate with a curved shape. You can easily manipulate this toy with the O-ring base. It is made from firm silicone to apply pressure to your p-spot. “The soft silicone material definitely makes it to where it can be used comfortably, and it’s great for beginners.” – Reviewer Girl, Amazon Review, 2015. This stimulator comes with a remote control so you can enjoy ten vibration functions inside your ass!

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Prostate Massager
prostate massage sex toy

“The vibrations are strong and he is constantly saying how his “finish” is a lot more intense.” – Melanie Green, Amazon Review, 2015

Want more girth to your anal vibrator? The original Prostate Massager has a unique bulb design that will stimulate your prostate and anus! The curvy shape of this vibrator will provide so many pleasing sensations to your ass! The multi-speed vibrations are perfect for stimulating your p-spot to orgasm. “…I was really surprised as how strong the vibration would actually get with this.” – Amanda, Amazon Review, 2015. This smooth ABS plastic vibe is safe for anal use! It’s seamless and sleek to give you comfortable anal pleasure!

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Large Alloy Metal Plug
large metal anal plug

Get a filling experience with this Large Alloy Metal Plug! Its metal finish makes it hypoallergenic and hygienic so people with sensitive skin can use it worry-free. This anal plug has a large diameter of 1.6″ at the widest point. The tapered head makes insertion easy, and the jeweled base keeps the butt plug in place while in use. Enjoy ultimate anal play with this jeweled ass toy!