Best Strokers For Male Masturbation

Stroking sleeves are ideal for making male masturbation easier and significantly more pleasurable!  Not only does it make jerking off less strenuous, but there are many masturbators with seductive ridges, tantalizing nubs, and other thrilling textures that will enhance the experience!  It’s a great way to switch things up and enjoy a whole new level of satisfaction.  These are the best strokers for male masturbation to give you MORE pleasure in less time!

Risqué Rae

realistic pussy vibrator“I couldn’t believe how soft it was and it felt like silk!” – Amazon Review, 2016

Male masturbators don’t just give you pleasure, they can even help you increase your stamina! Risqué Rae is a life-like pocket pussy that can help you last longer in the bedroom. Edging is a practice where men bring themselves almost to climax but stop. This helps them increase stamina! Use this realistic stroker to masturbate to your stopping point. It’s made with skin-like material that stretches to fit your cock. ” It feels very soft but firm enough to really give quite an experience.” – Amazon Review, 2016. Realistic textures and vibrations will give you all the pleasure you crave!

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Adrienne Male Stroker
strokers for male masturbation

“Each of the three chambers provide a different feeling or sensation. He said it does resemble the feeling of a warm mouth, especially if you use the lube that warms up.” – Southern Sass, Amazon Review, 2015

Experience extreme suction with this flexible TPR masturbator! Adrienne Male Stroker is designed to give you thes best textures and stimulation with an easy to use toy. “Overall this masturbator went over with my husband very well; he really enjoyed it and said that the textures especially were very enjoyable. The simple design is alluring…” – Nathaniel Y., Amazon Review, 2015. There are three chambers to increase the sucking sensation! Ribbed and nubbed textures will massage your cock as you thrust inside this sex toy!

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Bambi Masturbator
realistic male masturbator

If you are looking for a good time but your lover is away, the Bambi Masturbator is here for you! Bambi’s realistic vaginal lips open up to a nubby textured love tunnel. Her tunnel is tight enough to feel like the real thing, yet stretchy enough to fit even the largest penis! Let Bambi stroke you cock until you cum!




Casey Male Stroker
male stroker sex toy

“This sleeve is open at both ends so there isn’t a suction factor, but that also makes it a bit easier to move once it’s on.” – Eliza, Amazon Review, 2015

Don’t like suction? Have a larger cock? Try an open ended male masturbator like Casey Male Stroker! This pleasure tube has two open ends for comfortable thrusting. The ribbed tunnel stimulates your shaft as you stroke! “Oh golly! This is really quite nice. I like it and so does my husband.” – Gertrude Ann, Amazon Review, 2015. Enjoy the soft, flexbile TPR material that this male sex toy is made from. It’s stretchy to accommodate most penises!

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Crystal Masturbator
male masturbation aid

If you are looking for ultimate stimulation, look no further than the Crystal Masturbator! This male stroker has a realistic vaginal opening that looks and feels just like a real pussy! The opposite end of the tunnel is closed to provide extreme suction. The stretchy TPE material of this male toy makes the experience comfortable as it stretches to fit all sizes, yet stays tight enough to feel like a real vagina. For an extra boost, insert your own vibrating bullet into the second hole!


Paxton Male Stroker
male sex toy pussy

“…the toy has a really nice shape and was well thought out in it’s design. It’s got some ribbing and nubby things on the inside to create different sensations for the person using it.” – Nicole Desrosiers, Amazon Review, 2015

Uniquely textured and easy grip, check out Paxton Male Stroker! Insert your cock into the tight sleeve to experience amazing masturbation! The open ended tunnel lets you massage your entire penis! “It is textured with ribs, ridges and ticklers for his pleasure.” – avalentine5601, Amazon Review, 2015. This stroker welcomes your cock with large nubs followed by a gentle ribbed texture! The outside of this toy is textured for a slip-free grip, so lube up!

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Lexi Male Stroker
male sex toy stroker

“Once it was on it was smooth sailing!! The inside has ridges made to simulate the feel of the inside of a female.” – frst1free, Amazon Review, 2015

Get a real life feel with Lexi Male Stroker! This toy is designed to mimic a real pussy. It has a curved end that’s just like a real vagina! “Bottom out” with the soft closed end tunnel! Stimulating ribbed textures will massage your hard cock until you cum! “The toy is very flexible and from its less than one inch inside diameter the fit is very, very snug. The internal texture is a series of ridges that afford a huge amount of sensitivity.” – Joey, Amazon Review, 2015.This stroker even has a space where you can put a vibrating bullet for extra stimulation! This male masturbator is so tight and pleasurable!

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Candy Masturbator
realistic penis stroker

The Candy Masturbator is everything you need and more in a small package! Realistic vaginal lips open up to a tight love tunnel that is ribbed and nubby. This TPE stroker is stretchy to fit all sizes and ergonomically designed so it is easy to grip. Let Candy take you for a wild ride!