How To Use A Prostate Massager

Over the last decade or so, the use of prostate massagers to bring men greater pleasure and more intense orgasms has really taken off!  No longer is it the thinking that “only homosexual men like anal play!”  How ridiculous!  Anal play can be – and is – enjoyable for all PEOPLE, whether male or female, however, females don’t have a prostate so the men have a bit of an edge here.  Prostate massage is enjoyable for all men – gay or straight – and there are many specialized products to help you explore this very pleasurable practice.

WHAT and WHERE IS THE PROSTATE:  Older men who have been to the doctor and have had the embarrassing prostate exam know where their prostates are by default.  Younger men, however, may not know.

Male prostate guideSo, here in this diagram you can see the yellow gland right underneath the bladder.  The urethra runs through the prostate.  The prostate secretes fluid that helps protect sperm during ejaculation.

Now, to stimulate the prostate, you can see how whatever enters into the rectum (finger or toy) has to be facing IN, not toward the back, and CURVED in order to reach the P-Spot.

PROSTATE MASSAGERS:  These are specially formed toys that are curved in order to directly stimulate the spot. These items are made from hard silicone so that they can facilitate the proper pressure, have an easy to hold handle for personal play or play with a partner, are easy to clean, and come in a variety of sizes for differing and personal tastes.  Sensibly, you would begin play with a smaller toy and move up to a size that you find the most stimulating.  Some toys have a little bit more noticeable curve at the end, and others are gently curved as the one depicted.  Experimentation is the best way to discern which size and curve works best for you.

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prostate massager sex toyHOW TO USE A MASSAGER:  All prostate massagers have instructions, which should always be read.  However, here is the basic gist of how to actually use a massager.  The easiest way to achieve proper and firm stimulation of the prostate is to stand and bend forward, which shortens the distance between the prostate gland and the rectum, making stimulation easier.  Being on hands and knees would also work.  If you are playing with a partner, he or she can take the toy, making sure that the curve is facing downward, toward your stomach and not your back, using plenty of toy-material appropriate lubricant, and gently slide the toy into the rectum, being VERY careful not to go too quickly.  When the toy comes into contact with the prostate gland, you will most definitely know it.

If you are playing solo, the same rules apply. Make sure you properly lubricate the item, position it with the curve toward your stomach, reach back making sure you have a proper grip on the base, and begin to insert.  When you reach your P-spot, you should definitely feel it.

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USING A PROSTATE MASSAGER WITH OTHER SEXUAL PRACTICES:  While stimulation of the prostate gland is reported to be very pleasing, it is even MORE pleasurable when combined with other activities like oral sex.  If you have gotten comfortable with inserting the toy – either from solo play or if your partner can insert the toy efficiently – you should be able to transition to oral sex with the item in place.  Having the man on his back, with his legs bent up makes for a perfect position to receive a blowjob or hand job during stimulation!

During solo play, masturbating with the opposite hand can be a bit tricky, but if you use a few pillows or bend over the side of a chair or couch, you could have enough stability to maneuver your hands where they need to go!  Also, once inserted the toy will stay put pretty well so once you are comfortable with using this type of massager, you can experiment with other pleasures at the same time to heighten your orgasm!  Try larger toys, ones with bigger ends, perhaps vibrating toys as well.  Have fun, play safe and always clean your toys before and after play!