Masturbate To Improve Your Love Life!

Masturbation is typically a solo activity enjoyed in private, but that doesn’t mean the pleasure you experience on your own doesn’t influence your love life!  Masturbation is important to your personal satisfaction, but it is also important to the intimacy and pleasure you share with a partner!  It may seem like a solitary act at the time, but regular masturbation can improve sex with your lover in many ways.  So, how can masturbating make YOU a better lover?

Help Your Partner Last Longer

Know Yourself:  When you masturbate, you focus on YOU and YOUR pleasure.  Do you like a slow and steady buildup or do you love it fast and hard?  How tight do you like to grip?  Do you like to switch hands?  Masturbation is an opportunity to explore your own likes and dislikes.  The more you know about yourself and your own pleasure preferences, the better you will be in bed with your lover!  Show her exactly how you like it.  She’ll love giving you greater pleasure and you will love receiving it!

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Endurance:  If you want to last longer in bed, jerk off!  Masturbation is a satisfying romantic couple improve sexway to improve sexual endurance and give you more orgasm control.  Premature ejaculation is not uncommon, but many men feel insecure or embarrassed if it becomes a frequent problem.  Train your body to last longer by masturbating with the intent of prolonging your erection.  Withholding your orgasm or “edging” is a great way to increase your resilience.  Masturbating with a stroking sleeve and/or personal lubricant can give you more pleasurable and realistic sensations to better train yourself to last all night long.

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Take It Slow:  When you and your lover haven’t hit the sheets in a long time, what is it like when you finally do?  Maybe you skip the foreplay and go straight to the sex.  Maybe the whole thing is over a little too quickly!  If you are feeling sex starved, the need for a climax might cut your lovemaking a bit short.  Regular masturbation can ensure that you don’t feel overwhelmed by the need to release.  This way, you can give your partner the loving she deserves and build to an even more explosive orgasm!  Don’t be hasty – enjoy!

Getting to know yourself and building sexual endurance through regular masturbation can make you better in bed.  Additionally, regular masturbation helps you to satisfy sexual needs more frequently, so you won’t feel the impulse to rush things with your lover!  Masturbation has always felt good, but never THIS good! Doesn’t it feel great to share the love?